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Reliable Concrete Leveling Services

Changing water tables and drainage of water are some factors that can cause concrete surfaces to have irregularities. At JACC Structures in Saskatchewan, we offer a more cost-efficient way to mending surfaces than pouring new concrete.

Let our crew correct and preserve your concrete before it acquires too much damage. We simply modify the foundation that the concrete sits on to fix the uneven parts. More often than not, this is just what is needed to level the surface.

JACC Structures in Nipawin, SK
JACC Structures in Nipawin, SK

Lifting With Polyurethane Foam

For our concrete leveling projects, we use a two-component polymer foam designed by Alchemy Polymers to lift slabs that have sunk. Because we utilize their products and our tried-and-tested techniques, we can complete any job without wasting time and money, in an environmentally friendly process.

We drill a 3/8 hole through the surface of the concrete and inject the two-part product underneath. Using the expansion force of the lifting foam and the pressure of a specialized pump, we produce sufficient power that can raise almost any structure back into its original position with 1/8” precision.

To learn more about the products we use for concrete lifting, check out the website of Alchemy Polymers. They offer additional information on their environmentally friendly lifting foams.

Make your concrete surfaces flat and smooth again! Call us today at 306-862-6910 or send us an email at jaccstructures@sasktel.net to request a free estimate.