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Dependable Leak Sealing Services

Cracks that appear on concrete structures and surfaces are not only unsightly but also dangerous when not addressed immediately. Rely on JACC Structures in Saskatchewan for immediate leak sealing and crack filling services.

Trust us to seal all cracks as quickly as possible without disturbing your home or workplace. We don’t have to block off large areas to do our job, so you can continue with your daily household tasks or business.

JACC Structures in Nipawin, SK
JACC Structures in Nipawin, SK
JACC Structures in Nipawin, SK
JACC Structures in Nipawin, SK

Excellent Concrete Crack Injection

We use the polyurethane crack injection resins made by Alchemy Polymers for filling voids, repairing slab foundations, and correcting other concrete surface issues. Any leaking structure can be repaired with this injection because of its water-activated flexible foam.

We drill into the crack at a 45-degree angle and inject the polyurethane resin in. The resin quickly creates a watertight seal after it comes in contact with water. Using this technique, we can fill most, if not all, of the crack.

For more details about the leak seal products we use, view the website of Alchemy Polymers. Their materials are approved for contact with drinking water.

Allow us to put our skills to work for you! Call us today at 306-862-6910 or send us an email at jaccstructures@sasktel.net for a free estimate and to schedule an appointment.