Restoring Concrete
to its Original Glory

Concrete slabs are naturally prone to settling into soil, but left unchecked, sinking concrete can start to crack and jeopardize the integrity of the slab. Spotting and fixing concrete slabs early is ideal as this prevents super costly repairs and replacement down the road.

We offer a variety of services to return structural integrity to your concrete.

Cement Lifting (Before and After)Cement Lifting (Before and After)

Cement Lifting

Sunken concrete slabs can be lifted back into place at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We use structural poly foam manufactured by Alchemy Spetec. It specially formulated to work in dry or wet conditions. The installation process consists of drilling a 3/8" hole in the concrete slab and injecting fluid that turns to foam. The forces generated compact the subsoil then lifts the concrete slab. Our methods allows us to control the lifting process to precise levels.

Void filing concrete work. Working fixing sidewalk

Void Filling Under Slabs

Poor compaction or water events can alter the base soils under the concrete slab. This can cause hollow areas between the base material and the bottom of the slab, known as voids. As a result, parts of the slab are unsupported and are therefore weaker. This can lead to cracks, sinking, or complete failure of the slab. Our methodology allows us to identify the voids and fill them, thereby avoiding future damage to the slab.

crack in cement

Leak and Crack Sealing

Leaking concrete structures can be detrimental to your safety and property values. We can permanently stop the leaking with crack injection and/or curtain wall procedures using the appropriate selection of polyurethane foam products from Alchemy Spetec.

Ground stabilization with concrete

Ground Stabilization

Unstable, eroded, or loose soil around infrastructure can result in settlement and damage to the structure. Voids can be filled, soil consolidated, and water migration halted by permeating the soil with polyurethane. Once this has increased the bearing capacity of the soil, the structure can be lifted if necessary.

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